Roof Restoration

Roof restoration entails refurbishing a roof to bring it back to it’s original condition, and is our core offering in our business. You can restore a roof when it is structurally sound or has a reasonable life cycle remaining, meaning a replacement is not neccessary.
A roof is an essential component of a building that enhances the beauty and value of your home. However, due to prolonged exposure to adverse weather elements, it may become vulnerable to deterioration.
A roof renovation is an ideal option for improving your home, especially when you want to save on costs. Unlike roof replacement, restoration requires fewer resources, and therefore, it is more cost-effective for everyone.

Before you restore your roof, it is vital to allow a competent professional to inspect and recommend appropriate solutions. At Bathurst Roof Restoration, our roofers have adequate skills, to inspect and carry out premium restoration services to your requirements.
To renovate your roof, we follow the roof restoration process, as explained below.

  • Low-Roof Inspection

We use our specialized equipment to inspect your roof and then decide the next action. During the inspection, we check whether there is moisture under the roof and repairable components.

  • Measurement

At Bathurst Roof Restoration, we consider precision in whatever we do. Before renovating a roof, we identify areas that need refurbishment, record the details, and plan a course of action.

  • Roof Cleaning and prepare the surface

Before we restore the roof, we apply a rust neutralizer to corroded metals, and we use a pressure washer to remove dirt and failed coatings from the roof surface. Depending on the roof type, we may use high or low pressure cleaning techniques.

Repairing the leaks is one of the steps in our roof restoration process. We check the condition of fasteners, tighten the loose ones, and replace any missing tiles.

  • Gutter work

We apply specialized-repellent coating on gutters to protect them from rusting or developing moisture-related deterioration.

  • Painting

We partner with Robertsons and Dulux roof paint, ensuring high quality finishes, with a 10-12 year warranty on all roof paint jobs. We normally apply two layers of paint with each job.

  • Sealing the roof

Once the roof is clean and dry, we apply a seal coating. We usually apply a base coat on the entire roof. A final coating is applied once the first one is dry.
For larger projects, we use an airless sprayer to apply the coatings. However, for small tasks, we use regular long-handled paint rollers.
If you are looking for someone to restore your roof, don’t go any further! We look forward to working with you on your upcoming project.

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