Roof Reseal Penrith

Roof resealing entails the application of a chemical coat to your roof to protect it against water and UV light damage. More importantly, resealing is meant to enhance your home’s energy efficiency through the reflection of heat and light.

Usually, resealing is intended to correct minor problems that are likely to turn into more significant issues, such as leaks, corrosion, and holes. As a homeowner, it is crucial to allow a professional contractor to examine your roof to determine whether it needs resealing.

At Bathurst Roof Restoration, our roofers are familiar with different resealing options. For instance, they are aware of different roof coating and their applicability. Before we reseal your roof, we advise you on the available options and allow you to make an independent choice.
In case you want to apply a roof coating on your roof, use a waterproof coat since it protects a roof from water damage. Note that roofs are different, and they need various seals.
To deliver high-quality services, our experts follow all the necessary procedures while resealing the roof.
Here are the steps we follow while resealing the roof.

  • We identify and repair leaks, and also, we replace or repair roof tiles, shingles, or steel sheets.
  • Checking seals in roof valleys and around flashings
  • Cleaning roof and gutters to remove stain, dirt, and biological growths
  • Applying primer coat of sealant
  • Applying at least one colored top layer of sealant

Roof resealing can extend the longevity of your roof and reduce the number of repairs. If you want to reseal your roof, avoid doing it yourself and seek the service of a professional roofing contractor.
At Bathurst Roof Restoration, we have vast experience in resealing different types of roofs. We serve both residential and commercial clients. It is vital to reseal your roof periodically, after every five years, to make it last longer.

In summary, roof re-seal will help:

  • ​Increase water resistance
  • Protects from extreme weather
  • Protects from dirt and stains
  • Prevents growth from moulds and mosses
  • Helps with fire protection
  • Extends the life of the roof
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Increases property value
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