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Bathurst Roof Restoration, pride ourselves on high-quality services, and we have more than ten years of work experience serving residential and commercial homeowners in NSW.

Our team has highly skilled and experienced professionals who are licensed to operate in their areas of jurisdiction. Our primary goal is to provide you with top-quality services that exceed your expectations.
We understand how roof restoration can improve your home’s value and take pride in the work we do and always offer up to 12 years guarantee on our jobs. Before we renovate a roof, we inspect your home
to assess the extent of damage and plan on the next action.

Roof restoration is one of the best options for enhancing your home’s value, especially when you are financially constrained and don’t want to replace the whole roof! A renovation of your roof is the most cost-effective option.

Before renovating a roof, we always advise consult a professional roofing contractor for advice. At Bathurst Roof Restoration, our team of estimators have vast experience in the industry and can advise on how to go about the requirement.

If you are looking for roof cleaning services, contact Bathurst Roof Restoration for the job. Our team are highly skilled and committed to delivering quality results using both high pressure and low pressure washing.

Roof tiles are among the building materials that are prone to cracking. If you encounter a damaged tile, always consult a professional roofer. For tile repair or replacement, please contact Bathurst Roof Restoration for high-quality services.

Roof painting is one of the best ways of making your roof stand out from your neighbours. However, at Bathurst Roof Restoration, our specialists are adept at painting a roof to withstand adverse weather elements.

Our roofers know that different roofs need various paints. For example, some paints are suitable for shingles, while others are appropriate for metal roofs. Therefore, we ensure that we select a high-quality paint that lasts longer.

Metal roofing is durable, hence the primary reason why many homeowners prefer it over other materials. However, a house made of metal roofing may stretch and contract due to thermal expansion. Due to contraction or expansion, the paint on a metal roof cracks over time. Our roofers can paint the metal roof to bring it back to it’s original state.

Roof resealing refers to applying a chemical coating on a roof to cushion against adverse weather elements, such as water and UV light. Resealing enhances your home’s energy efficiency through the reflection of heat and light.

At Bathurst Roof Restoration, our roofers are conversant with various resealing options, and they can deliver high-quality services to you.

We look forward to working with you on your upcoming roof restoration project!
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